are a gift from God
   So many times you have been here
when my heart was breaking into;
So many times you prayed with me
when I didn't know what else to do.
So many times I came to you
with my sorrows and my tears;
So many times you gave me hope
and helped me face my fears.
So many times life overwhelmed me
and you pointed me towards the Son;
So many times I felt defeated
then you'd remind me the victory's won.
So many times you offered comfort
when the world offered only pain;
So many times what I counted loss,
you showed me was really gain.
So many times you shared a smile
that came from within your heart;
So many times you went out of your way
and God's love you did impart.

So many times the laughs we shared
brought gladness to my day;
So many times I thank Our Lord
for sending you my way.
Sherry Brady
" not I, but Christ "
Galatians 2:20
A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.
"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.  For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up."
Ecclesiastes 4:9, 10
A friend is someone who looks past your flaws and chooses to see the good in you instead.
The Gift of a Friend
Sometimes we meet someone in life
that we know is here for a purpose
Someone that looks down deep within
at what lies far beneath the surface.

Someone who is constantly reminding us
that we're not in this alone
Someone who is always pointing our eyes
to Our Father on the Throne.
Our Lord seems to know just when we need
that little nudge to keep us moving along
And sends someone with Words of Life 
to fill our hearts with a joyful song.
This someone looks beyond the obvious
and past what our eyes can see
Then reminds us that with faith in God
it will be as it ought to be.
Our Heavenly Father is omnipotent, 
There's nothing He can't do,
and sometimes He chooses to send a friend
as a gift to me and you.
Sherry Brady
" not I, but Christ "
Galatians 2:20
If you have a tender message, 
Or a loving word to say,
Do not wait till you forget it,
But whisper it today;
The tender word unspoken,
The message never sent,
the long forgotten messages,
The wealth of love unspent~
For these some hearts are breaking,
For these some loved ones wait;
So show them that you care for them
Before it is too late.

Frank Herbert Sweet

Just for you, friend

Thank you... Love You... 
God bless You
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Daisy Graphics
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It is my sincere desire to give each person credit for their graphic creations.  If I have used something which you created and failed to acknowledge that, please know it was not intentional and contact me so that I can give credit where credit is due
Lord, we know that You are the best friend we can ever have and that You love us as no one else possibly could ... but  we realize that You send others to help us along the way also.  We thank you for the gift of friends that you give to us.  Thank you for blessing our lives with such kind and loving people that really and truly care.  I ask you, Father, to bless my friends... pour out your mercies upon them and keep them safely in your hands... fill their hearts with joy and give them peace and harmony in their lives.  Draw them close to You and let them rest in the abundance of Your great love for them.  Bless each person that visits this page also.  Help them to realize how precious they are to You and that You want only good things for them.  May You always be glorified in all that we say and do... less of me and more of You, Lord... IN Jesus' precious, holy name we pray.. amen and amen.
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"Thank You For Giving to the Lord"
All my love,
You inspired me to do this page, Sis.  Special hugs to you.

Hi Friend ~ the joy of the Lord to YOU !

This page was written straight from my heart to all of those in my church family, my friends that I have here online, some of which are very, very precious to me, and to all my other friends that have shared the good times and the bad with me.  I thank you for your love.  I thank your for caring.  I thank you for pointing me in the right direction and praying with me at times.  I thank you for just letting me experience the love and kindness that you have always shown me.  I love each of you dearly and I pray that the Lord blesses you beyond measure for the ways you have reached out and extended your love to me and my family.  I thank God for allowing us to meet and for blessing my life with your friendship.

Love In Christ,
"not I, but Christ"
Galatians 2:20
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