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Now about that song playing.  It is called
"Come Fill My Heart"
and below are the words to it.
Follow along with the music and make this your prayer today.
Come into my heart today,
Come and fill my very soul.
Come into my heart and stay
You are all I need to know.
No one else in heav'n and earth
Shows your mercy, grace and love.
I turn to You and humbly pray,
Pour Your blessings from above.

Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
Mighty Savior, Lord most high,
Hear my yearning, hear my cry.
Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
All I am I give to You;
In Your grace,
You'll see me through.
Come fill my heart!

Come into my heart today,
I have waited for so long.
Drive the sin and doubt away,
Give me hope to carry on.
Shower down on me Your grace,
Till my cup will overflow.
Take me to a holy place,
Let the faith within me grow.

Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
Mighty Savior, Lord most high,
Hear my yearning, hear my cry.
Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
All I am I give to You;
In Your grace,
You'll see me through.
Come fill my heart!

Come into my heart today,
Come and heal my wounded soul.
Come into my heart, I pray;
Lord, to You, my life I owe.
You're the only one who saves,
There is nothing I can do.
I want to follow in Your Way,
That is why I ask of You:

Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
Mighty Savior, Lord most high,
Hear my yearning, hear my cry.
Come fill my heart,
Come live in my soul,
Restore the peace,
Lord, make me whole.
All I am I give to you,
In Your Grace,
You'll see me through.
Come fill my heart!
Come fill my heart!
Come fill my heart!

Song By:
Elton Smith, Larry Holder, and Steve Israel
Have you ever stopped to think about what happens after your time here on earth is finished?  Are you heavenbound?  Is there any question at all in your mind about that?  If so, click on the angel and find out just what there is that you need to know to be assured of eternal life.  Jesus loves you and He really can fill your heart.
Father, I ask you to bless each person that visits this site.  Also, bless every family member and friend, every acquaintence, every foe, every stranger, each and every person that this person comes in contact with this day.  May you grant mercy and grace to those who need salvation.  May you release healing to those who are in need of a touch from the Master, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  May those who need to find peace and comfort, find it by resting in You, Lord.  Grant them the peace that passeth all understanding that comes only by knowing You.  May each one come to realize the great love you have for each of us.  Let them be filled to overflowing and share that love with those around them.  May all heaven and earth praise Your Holy Name Lord, for You alone are worthy to be praised.  Thank you, Father, for the ways in which You will touch each person's life.  IN the blessed name of Christ Jesus we pray.  Amen and Amen.
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This is an addition to look for at the very bottom of each page.  Here you will find the people or events that inspired the page.  This is not about me.. it is all about JESUS and what HE has done in my life.  This just gives you a glimpse of the story behind the pictures or poetry that you will find on this site.  Not all pages currently have this but, as time allows, I hope to be adding this to all previously completed pages.
Hi Friend ~ the joy of Our Lord to YOU ! 

Yes, I decided to go ahead and put one of these on this page also.  :  )   There are some things you will find on each page in this site.  One is a link that will take you to a page purposed in helping those who have not accepted Jesus as their savior.  That, above all else, is the single most important reason for this site.  The other thing you will see on each page is a prayer near the very bottom.  Initially I put the prayer in very fine print because this was my personal prayer for each visitor to this site and was really just something between me and the Lord.  However, I had so many requesting that I make the prayer larger because it was hard for them to read so I began trying to make it more readable for the sake of those who wanted it that way... it really is still just me and the Lord having a little talk though.  ;  )

This site evolved during a very turbulent time in my life.   Over the course of the last several years I have undergone a very big change in my relationship with the Lord.  I see things alot differently than I did at one time.  And even though sometimes the trials have seemed so very hard, they have begun the work in me that the Lord had purposed them to do by allowing me to go through each of them.  At some points during this it seemed as if satan would win and I would surely lose; but, God is faithful.  He provided all that I had need of and never gave up on me.  He surrounded me with people of faith that would be here during the darkest times and they were constant sources of encouragement for me to continue on.  They pointed me to Jesus when so many times I felt it was hopeless.  I faced attacks on every side... mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually .. but God was there every step of the way.  That is why this site is so dear to my heart.  We all find ourselves in need of help to see our way through at times.  When you visit this site, it is my prayer that you will see Jesus in these pages and be encouraged to continue on in your faith walk with Him.  

I ask Our Father in Heaven to pour out His blessings upon your life and bestow upon you every gift of the heavenlies.  May we each be so blessed as to have Kingdom Eyes that endlessly seek the face of our Lord and a Servant's Heart that is yielded and yearns to do His will.

Love in Christ,
"not I, but Christ"
Galatians 2:20

Site created in 2000   .... last updated May 2009
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We've been growing.. and growing... and growing.  There are new things being added little by little and much more still to come. 

God Bless You !
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Same God.  Same Faithfulness.  New Beginning.

With anything that I do concerning this site, I try to be led of the Lord completely.  If you're one that has visited this site very often, you'll have noticed that I've not added many new pages to the Sherry's Heartbeats site in recent months.  During my time away, the Lord has been doing a work in me and making a lot of changes.  One thing has remained the same though, and that is the faithfulness of God.  He has proved over and over His deep abiding love for me and shown me that just as His Word says, He'll never leave nor forsake me.

Awhile back, the Lord spoke a message to my heart. At the time, I truly didn't understand it's total meaning nor just how far He would go to see it come to pass.  But not one Word of His fails and I have seen what He whispered to me that night happen little by little over the last several months.  He's so very faithful.  He never gives up on us.  And He's never content to leave us as we are, but is constantly doing a work in us to mold us more into His image and draw us into a deeper understanding and relationship with Him.  Simply put JESUS NEVER FAILS.  Never, ever.

It has always been my desire that others would not see me in the poems and things that I share on this website, but that they would see JESUS, hence the part of Scripture that you always see after my name

"Not I, but Christ"

I feel like the Lord is telling me that now is the time to take this site one step further.  Time to grow.  And to aid in that, I have started a new sister site, entitled

              JESUS NEVER FAILS

Sherry's Heartbeats will still remain on the web for those who want to visit and share with others the pages that are here, but I hope that you will also visit the new site and share the things there as well.  Jesus Never Fails
God bless you each so much.
Love in Christ,
"not I, but Christ"
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