One kewl dude...  oh yeah
Yep, there he is...
Who am I talking about?
Oh, I forgot to tell you...
the teenager.
He's the one with the shades on...
you know...
the one who doesn't want to be seen having fun with his parents...
that's not so cool ya know.
I'm sure you've seen them around even though I have yet to figure out how they seem to suddenly disappear when there is work to be done.
You know who I'm talking about now?  The ones whose emotions can go from laughing to devastated in 2.0 seconds flat...
They can do some of the weirdest things at times and leave even the most understanding parent
totally clueless.
That's who I'm talking about... they have selective hearing ya know...
They can quote you lyrics from their favorite songs that would take a codebreaker years to unscramble yet they never seem to be able to hear their name when Mom calls for them...
Imagine my surprise when I ran across this one day when hunting for missing dishes in my teenage son's room ...

Sermon Notes

God knows everything but doesn't tell you everything.  The devil doesn't know everything because if he had he wouldn't have crucified Jesus.

The closer you get to God, the further satan is from you.

If you lose your joy of salvation it gives satan an avenue to you.  The devil doesn't need your joy; he just comes to take your joy away.

There are only two verses in the Bible that tells about God breathing into a living organism.

The greatest encounter you will have with God is when you get saved.  The second greatest encounter is when He comes back for us.

If you want the promises of God in your life, you have to make Him a place to stay. 

We have not because we ask not.

When there is no way out, trust in God.

If you can live without something, you don't need it.  The only time you need something is if you can't live without it.

What do we do with the promises of God when they die?

It is easy to believe in God if you can see Him.

God never told us we should be okay; He told us we should be well. 

Jesus died for us so we could live for Him.

God uses people in healing ministries because they can conceive it.
And just when you think it is totally hopeless and that nothing is getting through to them, you suddenly discover something that proves otherwise.
Okay... so maybe they do listen afterall.  Sometimes.
Lord, grant us patience, understanding and wisdom.
The love of  JESUS!  It's something to celebrate alright !
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"The Nut Song"
I have known this little ditty since I was a kid...and no, I am not telling how long ago that was.. but I was pleasantly surprised to find out it really was a song .. I just thought it was one of those childhood made up things.. guess not, huh? :::: smile::::::  Since I doubt that many of you know the words, I'll put them below.. it's all in good, clean fun 

You insert whatever name you want to use... since this is Daniel's page, I'll use his... I'm sure he'll just love that...NOT... :::: smile::::: too bad, Daniel.. it's too late.

Daniel is a coconut lying on the coco ground
People come and step on him
That is why he's cracked you see
He's a nut, He's a nut, He's craaaaaazzzzzy

Oh well.. I never said it was a great song... just a fun one!
Psst.. that would be by me.. Sherry ...I am pretty new at this making my own sets thing  :::: smile :::::
I hope to be able to begin making Christian graphic
sets for others to use in the near future
Lord, you know the needs of our youth much more than we do.  So many times our children keep the things that are really bothering them bottled up inside or only share them with their friends.  I ask you to help us parents in our relationships with our children.  Give us Godly wisdom in dealing with them and help us to pick and choose the battles that come between us wisely.  Help us to not make mountains out of molehills and to always be a good listener.  Help us to lead and guide them in the ways of righteousess but yet not smother them in the process.  Help us to treat them fairly and with respect and be true models of Christ in our every day living.  Help us to understand the pressures and demands that are placed on them and to keep our home as a safehaven where they know they will be loved and appreciated and not ever made to feel unwanted, unloved or a source of disappointment.  Remind us that words can hurt and destroy lives from the inside out.  Let everything we do glorify God and instill Christian values and the love of Christ in our children. I ask you to draw our children with your Spirit at a tender age that they may come know you as their savior.  We ask these things in the name of Jesus and give you all the glory, honor and praise in all things at all times.  Amen.
Hi Friend ~ the joy of the Lord to you !

You know, on the days when I was feeling especially tired when my children were young and I wondered if they were ever going to be able to get dressed themselves or fix their own cereal on a morning when I'd like to sleep in or learn to pick up toys without me having to name each toy specifically, I just knew that it was going to be soooo nice when they were older.   And just about the time I finally had this kid stuff almost figured out... they became teenagers. I suddenly realized that somehow all the rules had been changed and it was a completely different ballgame.  What worked when they were younger didn't now and there was this person I hardly knew... much less understood... standing before me.  I remember hearing someone say one time.. when they are young they step on your toes.. when they are older they step on your heart.  Boy, they sure had that one right.  Sometimes I wasn't so sure that this wasn't an alien life form that someone had managed to slip in on me in exchange for my wonderful little angel.  ::::smile::::  It wasn't until just a few months ago when my oldest son was about to leave home for the army and had almost overnight become human again :::: grin :::::
that I finally could sit back and even begin to think that somehow they were managing to turn out pretty good after all.  Maybe they could actually make it through their childhood without any permanent damage being done to them from all of MY mistakes.  Sometimes when you have those teenagers grating on your nerves you begin to wonder about that you know.  I realize now that even though I thought it was rough when they were toddlers and I was chasing them from morning to night, this teenager phase can be really, really rough at times.  With alot of prayer and some help from up above, we'll survive the teenage years with this youngest one of ours also.   They sure can manage to get parents down on their knees a little bit though, can't they?  But you know what... I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world ... they are my heart.  Anyways.. if you are parents of a teenager.. you are definitely in my prayers.  ::::smile:::::  Keep me in your's as well.

Be blessed beyond measure,
"not I, but Christ"
Galatians 2:20
I'm just "hanging around" waiting on somebody who wants to learn about Jesus.
Ever feel like your world has been turned upside down?  Praise God there is a home waiting for us in heaven one day and we are only passing through here on this earth.  Thing is though, there is only one way that you will ever be able to enter into that home.  Scripture tells us, "I am the way, the truth, and the man cometh to the Father, but by me."  That is Jesus speaking and the "way" that He is speaking of is salvation.  Maybe you are not so sure what that means.  If you'd like to know more, then click on this pic and it will take you to a page that will answer some of your questions about this.